central minster

Lieutenant Governor of J&K

Shri Manoj Sinha

state minster

Secretary to Government

Dr Syed Abid Rasheed Shah, IAS

Welcome to the Department of Culture

The culture of Jammu & Kashmir is a comprehensive amalgamation of customs of its two distinct regions: Jammu and Kashmir. Apart from their demographic variations, the distinctive cultural delights are par excellence.

Jammu & Kashmir is a panorama of plurality with longstanding heterogenous traditions and cultures united in their diversity. It has an unparalleled treasure of cultural and natural heritage. The cultural wealth of Jammu & Kashmir, both the tangible and the intangible, is enormous, and both regions are known for their unique cultural assets.

The Culture Department — with its primary mandate to preserve, develop, and promote the tangible and intangible cultural heritage of Jammu & Kashmir — came into existence in 2008 under Administrative control.